About Us

PROFIX. Polish producer and wholesaler of the tools

Profix operates in the field of production and commerce.

Company supplies high quality hand tools, power tools, technical chemicals as well as the protective clothes.

Profix employs a team of more than 250 people. It is one of the largest distributors of tools and power tools in Poland, and looks after for the entire process of purchase of the goods from manufacturers. Profix manages and organizes the commercial chain, but also produces the goods under its own brand names, provides logistics services, and realises marketing operations, supports its clients with marketing actions.

Company, of its own weal, takes into account social interests and environment protection already at the strategy building stage.

It gets involved in charity activities and it provides support to local organisations. It sponsors talented sportsmen. In its everyday operations, it takes care of the natural environment. It minimilises the quantity of waste and makes sure the waste is sorted and disposed properly.

Company’s Headquarters

The Logistics and Distribution Centre is located in the vicinity of National Route no. 7 (towards Gdansk) in the locality called Lomna Las – 20 km away from the strict city centre of Warsaw. Profix’s sales chain consists of more than 50 Trade Offices covering the territory of the entire country. The products on Profix’s offer reach 5,000 business clients (shops, technical showrooms) in Poland and abroad.


Profix exports also to many countries. The list of the largest recipients includes: Ukraine and Romania where the branches were open. Export extends also to: Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Slovakia, Czech Rep., Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Greece, Croatia, Sweden, Iceland, Italy, Finland, The Netherlads, Bulgaria., Hungary, Israel, France.

Awards and Prizes

Profix is a winner of many awards and prizes. It has found its way to the prestigious group of Gazelles of Business more than once. Profix has also been awarded the European Medal and the title of the Fair Play Enterprise. It has also featured on the Forbes’ Diamonds List. Project supporting local enterprises and initiatives take a prominent place in the company’s operation strategy. This way, Profix wants to emphasise that business is not only about market achievements, but also about social interests.


PROFIX Sp. z o.o. [Ltd.]
C/O: PL05152 Czosnow, Dobra 3 St. Poland
tel. +48 22 785 9600
fax +48 22 785 9610

http://www.profix.com.pl, National Court Register: 0000075433, 
VAT ID: PL1250020263, REGON: 010376542